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Invar 42 - UNS K94200 Sheet

Invar 42® Sheet is a nickel iron alloy that is used for controlled expansion and magnetic applications. Invar 42® Sheet can be hot and cold formed, machined by processes similar to those used for austenitic stainless steels. The alloy is available in the following forms: Invar 36, Invar 42, Invar 48, Invar K, and Invar 77.

Nath Metal IND is one of the largest exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Invar 42 Sheet in India. Invar 42 Sheet are used in several applications such as for the glass-to-metal seals in electronic tubes, transformer and capacitor bushings, automotive and industrial lamps, and other ceramic-to-metal and glass-to-metal applications. It may as well be used by means of hard glasses if a thin edged tubular seal is being used.

These Invar 42 sheets are a 41 percent nickel-iron controlled expansion alloy that has been used in an extensive range of glass-to-metal sealing functions. Also known as UNS K94200 Round Bars, our Invar 42 Bars are accessible to our valuable customers in different range of diameters, wall thicknesses and sizes in customized form and also at quite affordable rates.


  • Resists erosive wear
  • Good impact & thermal shock resistance
  • Resists heat & oxidation
  • Abrasion & corrosion resistant
  • Resists seizing & galling
  • Good strength
  • Meets UNS R30006 specifications


  • Positioning devices
  • Bimetal thermostats
  • Advanced composite molds for aerospace industry
  • Dimensionally stable instruments and optical devices
  • Containers for LNG tankers


  • UNS : K94200
  • Specifications : ASTM F30, MIL-I-23011 CL
  • International Specifications: UNS K94100 DIN 17745 Werkstoff Nr. 1.3917 AFNOR NF A54-301 S.E.W. 385

Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn P S Si Ni Cr Fe
Invar 42 .50 max .40 max - .20 max - 41.0 .- Bal

Nath Metal Ind export products to countries like UAE, Bahrain, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, United States, Mexico, Chine, Brazil, Peru, Nigeria, Kuwait, Jordan, Dubai, Thailand (Bangkok), Venezuela, Iran, Germany, UK, Canada, Russia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa, Kazakhstan & Saudi Arabia.

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